Lead Generation Content FusionUsing Content Marketing to Build a List of Qualified Leads

As more businesses publish content clamouring for the attention of you target audience, much of it just noise and rabbit holes they can waste time in. The challenge for your business is to create a content marketing strategy that catches the attention of your target audience, engages with them even if it’s for a short time, and also carries sufficient credibility to make a connection, and where possible, generate a lead.

This connection through your content marketing is (hopefully) the beginning of a relationship that will lead to a profitable sale so it is important to ensure you start the relationship with that end goal in mind. The ultimate goal of all marketing is a sale.

To help you do that here’s a few do’s and don’ts to help steer you and your content marketing in the right direction.


  • Position the majority of your content toward your target persona.
  • Tackle burning issues and solve your target persona’s problems.
  • Write all new content specifically to your target persona.
  • Research and use your #hashtags and #keywords properly.
  • Make your content interesting and where possible tell a story.
  • Collate and share content from other sources.
  • Include personal insight, background and commentary.
  • Ensure you have a focused Call to Action in the majority of pieces to begin the journey towards a sale.


  • Just share anything and everything you related to your industry- leave that to the amateurs.
  • Sell- not at this stage, I know it’s tempting but let them get to know you.
  • Bombard your channels with repeating posts- unless of course it’s showing great engagement or conversion rates, even then be circumspect.
  • Be all work and no play- everyone loves a good meme.
  • Stop, I repeat, Don’t Stop– consistent delivery will grow your pipeline.

Connecting with your target persona is just the first stage of your content marketing, and it’s a means to an end not the end itself. The strategy and delivery must reflect that and even at early stages there must be clear pathways for developing and converting the lead into a client, and if you really want it to work magic, you need to automate it too.

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