Content Fusion ConversionConverting your Prospects to Sales Qualified Leads

Lead conversion is definitely the most interesting and exciting part of Content Marketing Automation. And assuming yours is a complex sale and you have been running your marketing efficiently, this should also be the first point you or your organisation will instigate direct one to one communication with your prospect.

You will be asking your prospect a direct question and hoping for them to click on the answer you want. Here are the Content Fusion tips for for ensuring success.


  • Use strong Calls to Action- this is definitely an area you should test.
  • Convert your target persona- aim your CTA at the people you want to become Sales Qualified Leads (SQL).
  • Tell them what they are converting to- Demo, meeting, sale.
  • Tell them what’s involved- 15 minute demo at your desk via Skype or 1 hour of your time in a meeting at your offices- be specific.
  • Explain what’s in it for them- the benefits and outcome of the next step.
  • Provide proof and evidence of these outcomes.
  • Use your credibility to build the power of your CTA.
  • Provide them with the mechanism to convert- phone number, form or button, don’t make them look for it.



  • Sell your product or service-just sell the next step, this is a business transaction, the  buyer knows what’s happening.
  • Talk only about your company or service, this is all about them.
  • Make huge leaps in understanding- if you have been discussing one topic don’t make a leap and try to close on something completely different.
  • Over promote- it will tune them out.
  • Over promise- you will regret it on the call or demo.
  • Try to convert anyone- the further away from your target persona and value proposition you new customer is, the more difficult it will be to deliver effectively and support efficiently.

Follow these guidelines and lead conversion should become easy and pain free.

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