Content Fusion Double your Sales Success50% of qualified leads are not ready to purchase immediately*

It’s a sobering statistic and presents a significant problem to small business owners where time and sales resources can be expensive and in short supply. In its simplest form, if you treat all leads equally, half of the time you won’t see any return in the short term which is a nightmare for cash flow not to mention your inner calm.

As for the half you are working on, you will only close at your usual conversion rate. Working on the wrong 50% could be potentially disastrous for your business

What if you could focus only on the 50% of your leads that are ready to buy? Immediately your conversion rate will double from say 1 in 10 to 1 in 5. Instantly you are twice as good at selling. Or your team is.

Doubling your Sales Instantly using Content Marketing Automation.

Here are 4 tried and tested ways for focusing on the 50% ready to buy.

Using targeted content

Once you have identified your leads, use targeted content to allow identify which leads are in a buying cycle. Obvious triggers are content like pricing, but most people would be interested in that a little. More subtle triggers are implementation timetables; development videos; How to use tutorials. These are a more accurate guide to who is shopping now and who is just researching.

Using Lead Scoring

Can you tell the difference between a sales ready lead and a marketing qualified lead just by looking at the email address? Of course not, but that email address gives you information about which pages and content they are viewing. The behaviours of sales ready leads will be different from the researchers, identify those behaviours and use lead scoring to trigger a sales response from your team.

Using Self Selection

Yes, just by asking them. Never underestimate the influence of a great Call to Action. Subtle wording can make all the difference between wasted sales resource and dealing with a live lead. As with all good marketing systems the CTA will need to be tested and tuned, but when you get it right you will see the result.

By Developing your Relationship

Lead nurturing is key to higher conversion rates as this stat shows- Companies that excel at lead development generate 50% more sales ready leads at 33% lower cost.

If that wasn’t incentive enough, nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads.So invest time and resource into developing your leads into a sales ready pipeline.

All that’s left is for your team to close them.

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