Taking the Fear and Procrastination Out of Marketing

Marketing Mentoring and Support Designed For Small Businesses

Making Marketing Easy.

Marketing can be overwhelming for many and for those brave enough to admit it, a little frightening.

Stepping completely out of your comfort zone, taking on new skills, putting yourself out there for everyone to comment or criticise, it can feel completely overwhelming, and leads to inaction, stress and resistance to change.

With a little bit of support it’s possible make a fundamental shift in mind set and approach.

It’s our goal to help you;

  • Build your marketing confidence.
  • Conquer the feeling of overwhelm.
  • Clarify your best approach to deliver profitable growth.
  • Learn the most efficient way to succeed.
  • Take ownership of your own sales growth.

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What is Marketing Mentoring?

To be successful, mentoring needs to be part teaching and part coaching.

Working with your skills, lifestyle and goals to help you discover, develop and deliver practical marketing campaigns that will deliver success time after time. The approach has to work for you and your business giving you a foundation to build and grow your business.

The focus is on;

  • Putting you in control of your marketing.
  • Understanding what’s important and what you can ignore.
  • Raising awareness of how marketing really works.
  • Giving you a structure you can understand and follow
  • Taking the fear out of technology, jargon and delivery.
  • Making it simple enough to engage with rather than avoid.
  • Taking the smoke and mirrors out of dealing with suppliers.
  • Breaking through the pain barrier and just doing it.
  • Overcoming technical hurdles with a walk through.

Putting you in a position to;

  • Take control of your business growth.
  • Take ownership of the marketing, messages and results.
  • Take responsibility for the delivery of the campaigns.
  • Live the lifestyle you want.

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Take the Fear and Procrastination out of Marketing with our Small Business Owner’s Marketing Checklist.

Fear and overwhelm are common reasons why small business owners don’t get more clients from their marketing efforts, as a result it’s easier to stick to what they know, even when it’s producing fewer results. Putting new campaigns out of reach because there’s no clear place to start.

Small Business Owner’s Marketing Checklist removes the fear and procrastination by giving clear guidance on;

  • The fundamental things you need to know about your marketing.
  • What do do with them to engage your target clients.
  • How to build them into an effective campaign.

Putting you in a position to grow your business and enjoy the lifestyle you want.

About Adam

I love helping business owners take control of their sales and marketing to deliver new clients and the profit they need to flourish.

The truths is, for many marketing can be overwhelming and for those brave enough to admit it, a little frightening.

Stepping out of your comfort zone, taking on new skills, putting yourself out there for everyone to comment or criticise, does at times feel completely overwhelming.

I feel that too.

Any marketing professional or small business owner who hasn’t felt that fear of failure or knot of doubt in their stomach before sending a marketing email or switching on a new campaign either has ice in their veins or is kidding themselves on.

To the uninitiated marketing can seem incredibly complex but for most small business owners, successful marketing depends on it being easy to implement and well understood.

It’s my goal to make marketing as straight forward and accessible to small business owners as it can be.

There’s no needless jargon, no technobabble, no brash youthful arrogance, just a good humoured, warm, open approach to getting all of the bits of marketing completed and in the right place so you get lots of new customers.

With the expertise of what needs to be done and experience of how to do it successfully, I’ll help you put it together in a way that works for you. And in a relaxed, down-to-earth way, without fancy jargon or unnecessary complications.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with hundreds of small business owners. Some from start-up to functioning businesses, others with seven figure turnovers, but mostly just normal small businesses looking for growth, stability and a little bit of certainty about their next few months’ sales.

Get in touch, we can have a chat and see if you can get what you want too.

Best wishes,



Adam Farrell
Managing Director

Our clients have their say.

“Adam’s marketing advice has been really valuable in building my business. He knows his stuff inside out, is right on top of the latest developments in the field, and is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure I achieve my business development goals. you will be in very good hands.”

Simon Horton

Owner, Negotiation Mastery

“It always surprised me how quickly but thoroughly Adam learned about our business and therefore could write compelling content targeted for our audience that worked from day one. They took care of content creation and distribution and got to know the Papirfly solution so well that he sold it successfully to prospects. It was a pleasure working with Adam.”

Phil Owers

CEO, Papirfly Employer Brand

Find out if our approach to Small Business Marketing can work for you.

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One client has grown by a spectacular 420% in three years.

The Content Fusion 4 step Formula for Sales Growth.

1 | Connect

Meet all the right people in all the right places.

| Develop

The right piece of content at exactly the right time.

| Convert

The right conversation with the right people.

| Automate

The right technology with the right strategy.