Content Fusion AutomateDo’s and Don’ts of Marketing Automation for Sales Success

Marketing Automation is the beating heart of digital marketing, it takes the Connect, Develop and Convert phases of Content Marketing and turns them into a New Business sales system. A system that will drive business growth and improve your profitability.  Marketing automation turns your content into sales and your strategy into reality, and if you are not investing in it you will quickly find yourself playing catch up on your competitors.

Here are the Content Fusion Do’s and Don’ts of Content Automation

Content Automation


  • Develop a content marketing strategy- you need to start knowing where you are heading and why. Ultimately this will be about sales conversion.
  • Chose technology that fits your strategy-some technologies are quite prescriptive in the processes they like you to follow others are more open.
  • Select a provider that understands what you are looking to achieve- Marketing automation is about sales success, ensure your partner understands this and can convert it to a deliverable  strategy.
  • Use a content calendar- Every piece of content should be mapped out on strategy and in line with the project plan.
  • Run project plans- there are at least 5 different project lines on a marketing automation project.
  • Test everything.
  • Report on key metrics and use them to influence ongoing strategy.
  • Measure and adapt.


  • Throw money at the most expensive tool- some tools require far more implementation and support than others. Some require your organisation to have high levels of technical and design knowledge to work them correctly, others don’t. Be sure to invest in the best fit for your needs and resources, otherwise it could become an expensive error.
  • Think marketing automation is a magic wand- automation will allow you to leverage your content and marketing to a massive degree. It doesn’t remove the need for that work to be done during the implementation and in the ongoing delivery.
  • Get complacent- you should be planning around 3-6 months into the future to ensure each marketing project is delivered on time.
  • Get lost in the technology- use it to deliver the initial strategy correctly before moving onto the added features and functionality it offers. Get the basics right.

Done properly Marketing Automation will deliver new business sales, drive your business growth and free up resource you can focus on other projects. Follow the tips above to increase your chances of Sales Success.

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