What is Content Marketing Automation?

Content marketing automation is a digital marketing strategy where an organisation uses published online content to create a relationship; demonstrate credibility; develop trust and ultimately sell more product or service to a targeted audience.

There are many names for this type of marketing; digital, online, inbound, content marketing, but to a greater or lesser degree they are variations on a theme.

Too frequently these also come with complex strategies, making delivery seem difficult, but distilled down to it’s purest components any type of marketing hinges on four straight-forward steps.

The steps of the process are;

1.     Connect

2.     Develop

3.     Convert

4.     Automate

The goal is to establish your organisation as a trusted partner in the opinion of your audience, and in many cases also establish your company  owner or CEO as a “Key Person of Influence” or thought leader in your industry. This notoriety and credibility provide an opportunity for your prospect to connect.

After the initial connection, use email and other content to educate and develop the relationship with key targets. This is also known as nurturing.

Throughout the process you will give the prospect opportunities to either convert to a client, or to request the sales cycle to begin.

And underpinning it all is innovative application of a first class Marketing Automation platform.

The goal of Content Fusion is to generate sales leads and convert them into paying customers. For us social media, content marketing and marketing automation is always about lead generation and sales.

We wouldn’t have it any other way.


Their marketing advice has been really valuable in building my business. Adam knows his stuff inside out, is right on top of the latest developments in the field, and is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure I achieve my business development goals. you will be in very good hands

Simon Horton

Did you know

Nearly half of B2B marketers are not sure whether any social channels have generated revenue for their business.

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